Last Day Here

Buenos Noches!

As we spent our last day here we had a free day and spent it at the market in Antigua. Dan left this morning to go to his Grandmothers funeral. It would be appreciated to him as we keep him in our prayers as he has another team arriving Thursday. We all had a lot of fun bartering with the vendors..yet we kept in mind that we are still worshiping the Lord. We are getting ready to have our LAST devotion time as a group. The Lord has definitely moved within our group and made our team so much stronger as we continue fighting for our God.
We will be leaving tomorrow morning around 2 a.m. and will be making our last drive on Security Hill. Most of us want to stay here, but also want to go home. Prayer was the biggest thing for our team. So we will leave you with this:

Prayer does not fit us for the greater work.

Prayers and Blessings from the Team!
Hasta Luego! See you soon!! 🙂

Medical Clinics

Well it’s our final full day here in Guatemala before we head for home. Last night we had our final medical clinic. We had about 25 families come through to get medicine, vitamins, and even glasses if they needed them. Once they were done going through the clinic we handed out glow sticks, colors & coloring books, puzzles, stuffed animals, cars, towels, shoes, etc. After all of that was completed and we took down the clinic we showed the Jesus film followed by some songs, testimonies, and a message. Most of the families accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts as their own personal Savior. We handed out Bibles for every member in the family. As we all got a good rest of sleep, some on the very bumpy ride back to the  base, we are ready to show God’s love to everyone we come in contact with today.
Today we will be working around the base for a while this morning along with having our last group devotion time. You can be praying for safety among the whole group today as we go to Antigua to do some shopping, but knowing that our focus is still on God instead of ourselves. Thank you for all the prayers this far..knowing that we are still not done yet! 🙂

House Building & Medical Clinics

Hola!! Buenos Dias!! 🙂

During our past few days here…we have completed 5 houses in 1 1/2 days!! Needless to say despite our hold up on flights we managed to get right back on schedule to where we are supposed to me today. Yesterday we dedicated the last three houses..and you could definitely tell that the Holy Spirit was moving throughout our Team and the familes that were getting the houses dedicated too.

After we dedicated the last three houses we went to our first medical clinic. We had an hour delay due to LOTS of rain..and some hail. We had 10 families go through the medical clinic. Half of our group was entertaining the kids and giving away stuff that we had brought for them, and the other half of our group  was in charge of putting medicine in bags as the orders had said. Once we were done we showed the Jesus film, shared some testimonies, and Hermono Jesus shared a message. It was amazing to see how many people had accepted Christ.

Today we will be doing our last medical clinic in a village of 25 families. You can keep praying for safety throughout our group, and the hearts of those who we are reaching out to will be open. 

See you soon! Hasta Luego!

We are HERE!!!!

After a wild day (extra day???) of travel…we are finally at the base.  We have eaten (Elachise)…rice, roast, and sauce…awesome!

Spirits are well and excited to get to work.  Now instead of having three days we now faced with two days to build the houses.  We have 11 bags that did not make the cut, but two of the staff of the members are driving to the airport to get them….hopefully all will return tonight, not just the staff members.

We are ready for devotions and ready to sleep so that we can get up at 5am to get building the houses and building the relationships in the name of Jesus!

Flight Delays

Hey Everyone,

Team Maurice Youth experienced flight diversions and delays coming into Houston last night due to storms.  They did not make their flight last night to Guatemala and stayed in Houston.  They are scheduled for two separate arrivals today into Guatemala…1/2 of the team at 11:40 our time (1:40 Eastern Time) and the other 1/2 of the team arrives at 1:20 our time (3:20 Eastern Time).

Today we will return to the mission base with the team and work ahead for the medical clinics Sat & Sun as our schedule will now be very tight to fit everything in.  We will begin building in La Reina Thursday and finish the homes (dedicating 2 of the 5) by Friday late afternoon (these will be long days and we’ll need them rain free).  We will return Sat morning to dedicate the remaining 3 homes and then drive 1/2 hour from La Reina to the clinic we already had scheduled in the coast for that day…God already had this planned (we should NOT be surprised)!

PRAY with us that we can make up the lost time, but do so WITHOUT falling prey to the “American style” of doing things and not take the spiritual time we need for our Lord to do HIS work within us and those HE has called us to!  PRAY for dry days during construction and both medical clinics as one clinic will be simply under plastic (no building) and the other village accessible by 4 wheel drive only…hold back the rain for us and release the Holy Spirit upon us and ALL will be well!

Team PBM for Team Maurice Youth