Flight Delays

Hey Everyone,

Team Maurice Youth experienced flight diversions and delays coming into Houston last night due to storms.  They did not make their flight last night to Guatemala and stayed in Houston.  They are scheduled for two separate arrivals today into Guatemala…1/2 of the team at 11:40 our time (1:40 Eastern Time) and the other 1/2 of the team arrives at 1:20 our time (3:20 Eastern Time).

Today we will return to the mission base with the team and work ahead for the medical clinics Sat & Sun as our schedule will now be very tight to fit everything in.  We will begin building in La Reina Thursday and finish the homes (dedicating 2 of the 5) by Friday late afternoon (these will be long days and we’ll need them rain free).  We will return Sat morning to dedicate the remaining 3 homes and then drive 1/2 hour from La Reina to the clinic we already had scheduled in the coast for that day…God already had this planned (we should NOT be surprised)!

PRAY with us that we can make up the lost time, but do so WITHOUT falling prey to the “American style” of doing things and not take the spiritual time we need for our Lord to do HIS work within us and those HE has called us to!  PRAY for dry days during construction and both medical clinics as one clinic will be simply under plastic (no building) and the other village accessible by 4 wheel drive only…hold back the rain for us and release the Holy Spirit upon us and ALL will be well!

Team PBM for Team Maurice Youth

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