We are HERE!!!!

After a wild day (extra day???) of travel…we are finally at the base.  We have eaten (Elachise)…rice, roast, and sauce…awesome!

Spirits are well and excited to get to work.  Now instead of having three days we now faced with two days to build the houses.  We have 11 bags that did not make the cut, but two of the staff of the members are driving to the airport to get them….hopefully all will return tonight, not just the staff members.

We are ready for devotions and ready to sleep so that we can get up at 5am to get building the houses and building the relationships in the name of Jesus!

3 thoughts on “We are HERE!!!!

  1. Praying, praying, praying for you all. God give them strength to do Your work. I bind Satan in Jesus’ name, and pray your Holy Spirit work through this team!!!! In Jesus’ name!

  2. Hello from Iowa, We were in Guatemala 3 groups ago and know the awesome experience you are having. I have been praying for you guys. I know the Holy Spirit is present. Give the kids from the orphanage some extra hugs from me. God’s Blessings

    Diane, Central Reformed Church, Oskaloosa, IA

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