House Building & Medical Clinics

Hola!! Buenos Dias!! 🙂

During our past few days here…we have completed 5 houses in 1 1/2 days!! Needless to say despite our hold up on flights we managed to get right back on schedule to where we are supposed to me today. Yesterday we dedicated the last three houses..and you could definitely tell that the Holy Spirit was moving throughout our Team and the familes that were getting the houses dedicated too.

After we dedicated the last three houses we went to our first medical clinic. We had an hour delay due to LOTS of rain..and some hail. We had 10 families go through the medical clinic. Half of our group was entertaining the kids and giving away stuff that we had brought for them, and the other half of our group  was in charge of putting medicine in bags as the orders had said. Once we were done we showed the Jesus film, shared some testimonies, and Hermono Jesus shared a message. It was amazing to see how many people had accepted Christ.

Today we will be doing our last medical clinic in a village of 25 families. You can keep praying for safety throughout our group, and the hearts of those who we are reaching out to will be open. 

See you soon! Hasta Luego!

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