Medical Clinics

Well it’s our final full day here in Guatemala before we head for home. Last night we had our final medical clinic. We had about 25 families come through to get medicine, vitamins, and even glasses if they needed them. Once they were done going through the clinic we handed out glow sticks, colors & coloring books, puzzles, stuffed animals, cars, towels, shoes, etc. After all of that was completed and we took down the clinic we showed the Jesus film followed by some songs, testimonies, and a message. Most of the families accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts as their own personal Savior. We handed out Bibles for every member in the family. As we all got a good rest of sleep, some on the very bumpy ride back to the  base, we are ready to show God’s love to everyone we come in contact with today.
Today we will be working around the base for a while this morning along with having our last group devotion time. You can be praying for safety among the whole group today as we go to Antigua to do some shopping, but knowing that our focus is still on God instead of ourselves. Thank you for all the prayers this far..knowing that we are still not done yet! 🙂

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