16 thoughts on “Caleb Baartman

  1. Hi, Caleb. Praying that God blesses your time in Guatemala and that He uses you in mighty ways. Work hard and have fun.

  2. Were you one of the lucky ones to fly in First Class on your flight from Houston to Guatemala? I’m praying God uses your young, strong body to accomplish great things this week. Sounds like you’ll be working extra long, hard hours to get your construction projects finished before you return home. God bless you and your team members.

  3. today was a good day got a lot done from when we got to the village to when we got back to the base all we have left if stuco abd paint in side. thanks for the prayers. bobby i was not one of the lucky onces to go on the first flight but got here safe. love you and keep praying please

  4. Hey Caleb! Hope you are having a great time in Guat! Work hard! 😉 You are a blessing to those you are serving!
    Tara Oolman

  5. Hope your days are wonderful. We can’t believe you will be dedicating homes already today! Hope it’s been an awesome experience for you! Take care! Show God’s love where ever you go! Love Grandpa and Grandma Van

  6. How exciting to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to be able to see Him do amazing things right before you!! The ceremony we good! Only Dad and Scott went though! Glad to hear that you were able to make up a lot of time and we will continue to pray that the weather will hold out also! We will not be able to post until Sunday as we are leaving for the cabin today! It has been really hot here so the water is going to be great! Enjoy your time serving our mighty God!
    Love you!

  7. thats good had a great day made a new friend morteto and and it has been a very great experience hope you have fun at the cabin and enjoy the water we have 3 more houses to dedicate tomorrow and then go to medical clenics how god has great things insore for us. love everyone caleb

  8. Hey Calab!!! Hope you are having a great time in Guatemala and experiencing God is huge ways. Praying for you and the rest of the group! -Sarah Vander Schaaf

  9. I pray that today was not only exhausting but a time when you see God at work! Satan works hard but God is the victor!! Always keep these people in your heart because we know God will continue to work in their lives long after we have spent a short time with them! Love you and can’t wait to hear your stories when you get back! Love Grandma Van

  10. you at the cabin this weekend??? great day at the end of the day i was not feeling very good but then got better another medical clinlic tomorrow should be great love you all 🙂

  11. just started reading thes comments the young strong body something,something well anyway glad your having a great time and knowing that God is using you looking forward to having you home and hearing your adventures love you, Dad

  12. Well I had my message all typed out and Dad went to another area of the site and now it is gone! Enjoy the rest of your time and we are anxious to have you home and hear about all your adventures!!
    Love you! Mom

  13. hey there Caleb man I am supprised how much work u guys already have done ! well I miss ya alot amased 2 say that but miss somebody pickin on me ! 🙂 felt like this week had lasted forever with out ya ! but wont be able 2 c ya for another week !
    love ya !!!!

  14. thanks everyone ready to be home also i cant wait to ride on smooth roads!!!!! these are the worst roads i have been on but still having a great time and cant wait to see you again love you all!!!!!

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