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  1. We 3 in Orange City, Cole-Brooke & I, are praying for you! Praying for a joyful heart when it gets hot or muddy with rain, a nice shower when you need it, great fellowship, God’s help to make your hands’ work worthwhile, occasion shade, and for the Lord to touch your precious heart in a special way! We love you, Carabara.

  2. Wellllll hello there! Today was a very interesting day…. I would begin by telling you every detail, but for the sake of the quality of the blog, I’ll keep it short and “dulce” or sweet in English. You all know about the travel complications– so I won’t repeat them, but I am confident our Lord has beautiful and amazing things planned– despite the bumps along the way. I’ve been remined the importance of remaining confident in the Lord, praying without ceasing, and refraining from drinking any of the un-filtered water. Thank you for all the prayers. Colossians 3:17

  3. Hi Cara! I’m so glad you finally there!. I hope you are feeling good and get a good night’s rest so you will be ready for a big day tomorrow. I pray that you will see God at work in the lives of those around you and in your life as well. He is good, He is kind, He is patient, He is love. Sincerely, Kristina

  4. Looking at my hands, I know that I did something other than splitting and stacking today at work. I just noticed my nails are filled with plaster while I glanced at the keys. I’m in awe, yet not in awe at all at how far the houses got because we have some hard working folks in this group. We worked only six hours, yet we did two days worth of work. The power of the Lord was among us, and that is the only way that much work got done. NEVER AGAIN will I complain about a road in America. Some of the “worst” roads at home are the “nicest” roads here. I miss you and love you at home, but the week will go by fast enough ! Oh and no I have not accidently brushed my teeth with faucet water yet– despite the many comments of how I would be the first to make the mistake.

  5. Hey Cara! I hope and pray that you have a great time serving in Guat! It is awesome that you answered His call and were obedient to following…lots of miles away…with different amenities than you are used to! It can be a good thing to be uncomfortable and be stretched! Take care and shine brightly for HIM!
    Tara Oolman

  6. Cara, so glad you are there and doing God’s work as planned. Satan lost!!! Whoop whoop!!! Will be anxious to hear what God has done after you return. 🙂 Jan

  7. How dare anyone tease you of accidentally using faucet water! Oh contraire morphare, you will be the most aware of where your toothbrush should not go bc we do it all the time in IL. Plastering…that’s a new trait for you! I am not the least bit surprised at the speed at which the group worked today to make up for the lost day! The Lord is so pleased!!! Not one drop of rain here yet…watering the garden and flowers each night. Swim lessons are going great for Cole. He gets tested tomorrow, which will only take 15 minutes, and then Brooke and Cole get to jump off the high dive for the last 15. Have you ever seen your boyfriend do a cannonball off the high dive? Very impressive! Brooke started helping remodel the Jr. Gap bus barn…tell dad she used an electric screw gun and a sledge hammer to tear down a wall. She had a lot of fun! Eli Haverdink caught a 13″ crappie today at vacation with the family in Minnesota. We sorted pop cans and got it done in less than 2 hrs. Kevin and Sarah VS come tomorrow night thru Sunday. Kevin and Cole already have a Wii competition planned. Planning to pick about 10 beets out of the garden tomorrow and keeping an eye on a LARGE green tomato. iluvucarabaraxomom

  8. Hey Cara!!! Sarah VS here 🙂

    Hope you are having a great time and learning lots on your trip. Of course we miss you here, but we are so excited for the opportunity you have to be the hands and feet of Christ to the people of Guatemala. You have such a huge heart and lots of love to share with all of God’s children. CANNOT WAIT to hear all about your adventures, and how this trip has grown your relationship with Christ!

    Kevin and Cole are playing the Wii right now, so it is very intense right now! We had breakfast and coffee at De Koffiehoek this morning, and then your mom took us on a tour of Orange City. Very excited to see all the improvements at NWC. We will get to see Wes Garcia tonight for dinner, so we are very excited about that. Cole told us he is excited to start tackle football this year, and Brooke is excited to play volleyball. I said we’ll have to make a trip to see all of your activities.

    Ok, this is Kevin. Hey Cara, hope you are having a very moving experience down there. We are very proud of you. I miss doing mission work; I admire your desire to be the hands and feet of Christ. The work you do there will have more impact than you could ever imagine. Make sure to take care of your father. We both know how fragile he is. Work hard and take it all in. Let the love of Christ pour out through your work. Definitely, do not forget to praise the Lord for everything, the good and the bad. It is all in His plan! Love you!

    Ok, this is Sarah again. WE LOVE YOU! And cannot wait to see you again. Hopefully we can come again this summer, if not, we’ll be back in the fall for NWC Homecoming. So, have fun these last few days. Learn lots and be open to the experiences God has placed in your path. =) Talk soon!

  9. Hola! Today was such a powerful day in so many ways! My body is exhausted but my heart is filled. I believe God has so much more to do tomorrow. What a blessing it is to see sooo many people fall to the feet of Jesus and give their lives to Him. I will never forget the smile of the man in the yellow shirt with tall rain boots on that we built the house for. Dedicating the house was one of the most moving experiences of my life. I have wept more today than I have all year. Such a beautiful sight to see a village accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. God has made communication for me so easy with the villagers. I will miss speaking Spanish back in the states with a native speaker, but I guess that’s that. I miss you all and cannot wait to see your faces again; more importantly I cannot wait to share these stories. I’m really sorry as well if I have made any typing errors in this post because my screen completely went blank so I am just looking at the keys and hoping for the best. Bueno noche!

  10. Hey girl hey!

    So great to hear your updates and how God is working. You are loved my dear! Praying for you.


  11. It’s day 5 and I have not gotten sunburnt. I just got back from theee bumpiest trip– best part was it was the most beautiful place I have ever been. Sitting on the mountain, this village was filled with wonderful people. Again, my heart is filled abundantely. I have so many beautiful stories to share– as well as many others do too. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day. I will never forget Hermano Jesus. What a wonderful man… Love you all!

  12. Hi Cara – It’s wonderful reading your posts & knowing all the good that your team is doing down there! So proud of you & your papa! Can’t wait to hear all about it and we will be keeping you all in our prayers as you travel home. Hopefully, you will have a more normal trip back! Love you tons! Aunt Shari (Uncle Gerry too)

  13. Well folks– this is it. This will be the last blog post that I make– for this trip that it– in Guatemala. God’s work has been so evident and beautiful to witness. It will be hard to say goodbye to such a marvelous view, but the cornfields will be beautiful too– i guess. I feel like we have connected so well as a team this trip. As many of us have learned, we have to be real to heal. I won’t be able to return to America with the same postition of heart that I came with. We can all only pray that our trip home is very UN-eventful unlike the very eventful one down here. Love you at home and see you soon!

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