Daniel Van Klompenburg

13 thoughts on “Daniel Van Klompenburg

  1. Hey, Daniel,
    Happy to hear you have finally made it to Guatemala. It is such a beautiful country. We just know that you will be touched by the people you come in contact with. Be bold for the Lord.
    Love and prayers,
    Bill and Judy Vlietstra

  2. Today was a great day. we got all the structure of the house’s done and the roofing. All the kids were really excitedx to play with us. Also the kid’s liked to try and tickle us, so i pointed them in Megan’s direction. i can really see God at work through everyone here. Thanks for all the prayer’s and support.

  3. Hey Brother! Glad to hear you made it over there after all the plane drama! I am sure you are being a blessing to all those around you! I know of some “special” people back home that miss you a lot(; anyways be safe and have a great trip! see you when you get back!! Love, Jenna(:

  4. Hey Daniel! I’m glad you seem to be enjoying it so far! I’m praying for you, and I hope you have an amazing week. I can see this being right up your alley – building houses and playing with kids. You’d be great at both of those. I’m excited to see how God works in your heart and in your life this week. Have fun, and I’m praying for you!

  5. Today was another great day. we finished up the house’s and got two of the five detication’s done. i also have many new freinds here. one is a boy im not sure of the age or name and the other’s are little girls who can really jump rope. Jake showed the kids how to turn while jump roping and before i knew it they all were. We also had a couple redeticate their live’s to Christ. All in all it was a very good day.

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  7. Hi Daniel!! Glad to hear you are having a great time! Sam misses you and can’t wait to go around the race track with you on the 4-wheelers. He’s getting better at steering…..so I’ve heard. Enjoy your last couple of days and have fun at the market!! Love You!!

  8. Hey, Daniel,
    Been praying for you all week. We just know you have had an amazing time. We will pray for a safe trip back home. Continue to be bold for the Lord sharing your faith not only with the people of Guatemala, but also with your team.
    Love and prayers,
    Bill and Judy

  9. Hey Bud……So glad you have seen God at work this week!! I hope you are able to keep up the excitement once you get home. Praying you have a safe trip back with no delays! We are anxious to see you and hear your stories! Samuel is counting down til you come home! Love You!!

    • I got Sam maraca’sand a stuffed elephant. Don’t tell him. tell Sam i love him and that i will see him tommarrow. Love you

  10. Tonight was a really great night. Luis and i had to get soccer ball’s from over the fence and got to use our brand new machete’s. we had a blast. Also Ayna (one of the worker’s for the summer here) kicked it over and we were making fun of her for it. we also played jokes on her while we were checking all the van’s and blazer’s over. We told her it was out of oil and her mouth dropped and her face was PRICLESS!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all of the prayer’s because we had a water pump go out last night and the van never overheated. i noticed it was out when i was whecking the front axle for oil because it was leaking. Anyways thanks for all the prayer’s and i can’t wait to see you all Sunday.

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