11 thoughts on “Daniel Venema

  1. Knowing you will be in the height of God’s glory while you are there, we are praying for complete home building, great clinic outreach, no rain at those very important times, and just for the Lord to speak to you LOUDLY while you are there! We love you, Dan…Tonya – Brooke – Cole

  2. Brooke is helping remodel the Jr. Gap bus barn. Today, she used an electric screw gun and a sledge hammer to tear down a wall and word has it, she was at the top of a 20′ step ladder taking out screws on the ceiling…ugh, but yea for her! Cole has taken over your duty of scratching Abby’s belly. She walks to him for a scratch a few times a day. Also, Cole gets tested tomorrow for passing level 5 swim lessons. He is going off the high dive like crazy and loving every minute of it. On Sunday, we MIGHT drive to Sioux City ONLY to visit PETSMART and purchase a *S*H*O*C*K* collar for the newest dog member of the family…or I will have to start taking higher doses of Zoloft! Congrats on getting so much done in one day…I’m sure you worked very hard! I love you, Tonna

  3. FYI Brookie dropped her Ipod, face down. Shattered the screen. All I said was, “That’s why Cara and I kept telling you to put it in a case.” It will be good for her to be without it for a while! Kevin and Sarah are here…so good to spend time together. They said they will be back to see you and Cara. Still no rain…hoping this weekend. Cole passed level 5 swimm lessons yesterday. He had to swim the full length of the pool with each stroke and show some dives, which only took 15 minutes. The last 15 minutes, Brooke, Cole, and Cole W. jumped off the diving boards. Lots of fun to watch! No recent posts, other than you arrived in Guat so I assume the group is crazy busy doing fabuous things. Looking forward to hearing about the trip, hope Cara is getting some pictures! Love ya.

  4. Hi daddy! you heard that I dropped my iPod right? well I am planning to see if there is still warranty on it otherwise there is a guy in town that fixes screens for iPods and iPhones and all that kinda thing. So if I have to get the screen fixed I will pay for the whole bill. Even tax. I promise 🙂 hope you have a great weekend. Luvyoudadddie ~Brookie Madison cant wait till you get home 🙂

  5. Hey Dan, practice child here! Hope you are having a great time in Guatemala. Of course we miss you here, but we are excited to hear about the work of Christ happening in and through the Maurice Youth Group. Continued prayers for safety, good health, and the clear voice of God in all experiences and each heart. Love you guys, talk soon!
    Sarah VS

  6. Sorry I have not posted. I just typed a long post and it disappearred. Dont have time now. I love you all and can’t wait to see you. I will try to post later.

  7. Hey Dan! Praying for you on this last day of medical clinics. Hope the Lord is revealing his fullness to you this past week.

  8. Hi little Brother – So proud & you & Cara & the work that your whole team is doing. Praying for you all everyday & thinking of you. Kind of past my bed time so not a lot to write but wanted to say hi. Love you tons!

  9. Praying for safe travels, energy and health for you today. I know everyone is probably tired at this point in the trip, BUT you have the wonderful gift of providing God’s people with laughter and joy. Can’t wait to hear about everything when you get back!

  10. Hey everyone! Just got done with supper. Gotta pack, do devos, go to bed, and get up early to catch a plane and get home to give my family a hug, adn sneak my wife a kiss while it is still our anniversary! Happy 19th my love! Pray the flights on time. Its hard to leave here with so many things left to do! God is doing great things here and it is a blessing to be part of. But there is still a huge mission left at home and many fronts to the battle! What a blessing to be lead in a lesson on life ministry by such a blessed group at Paradise bound. Pray that we cANCONTINUE THE MISSION IN OUR Daily routine. mISS YOU ALL. lOVE dAN

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