18 thoughts on “David Jansma

  1. Hi, Dave. Praying that God blesses your time in Guatemala and uses you in mighty ways for His Kingdom. Bobby Reuvers

  2. According to the message on this website, you’ll be extra busy while you’re in Guatemala, trying to catch up on the schedule now that you’re a day behind. That means you and Ryan will have less time to get into any trouble together…..God has an interesting way of answering my prayers. ;o) Seriously though, I know you and Ryan are great additions to this team and will accomplish a lot IF the weather holds. I’m praying for safety as you work and witness God’s love to those you serve. The chocolate chip cookies are waiting when you return.

  3. We went to the fair yesterday, and got balloons at the balloon show. We saw lots of animals. Today we went to our house and saw the kittens, and they were all there. We swam in the pool. Drew and Aubyn and Hayden came to Grandma’s house and we played with them. We liked the bag we got today with the activity books in them. We will do them tomorrow. We hope you got to Gautemala today. We love you! Breanna, Erica, Cole and Tricia

  4. Hey Diggety!! Glad you finally made it!! Praying that the Almighty blesses you with dry weather this week and you will be working hard to make the deadlines. Have a GREAT week and can’t wait to hear all about it when you guys get home!! Stay safe and enjoy being blessed as you are a blessing to others! Take good care of my Sara for me 🙂

  5. Hey Dave, Glad to hear you made it. Hope you had a good day of building today. Take time to notice all that God is doing around you. Have a great week and don’t let anyone hit any trees this time!

  6. You must be working hard, as there aren’t many updates. Things are going good. Hot and dry, so the kids have been swimming. Time is half over already. Cole doesn’t want to go home yet, but the girls are ready to have Mom and Dad home. By Tuesday that will probably change. Stay safe, and know that we are all praying for you every day.

  7. Yes we have been working hard. Glad to hear things are going good with the kiddos. We dont get much time to write. Tomorrow will be another very busy day. Time to go to bed so we can get to sleep before Arlin starts to snore. Nighty night,

  8. Daver,

    I remembered this site from when you were to Guatemala previously. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and Sara and praying all goes well. Remember…I’m pulling for you!

  9. Hi Daddy, What did you have for lunch today? We had pancakes! Grandma had to make a lot, because we that they were really good. We had some cucumbers from the garden for supper. they are so good. We went and saw great grandma tonight. Only 3 nights until we get to see you! We miss you. LOVE, BCET

  10. Hey Dave hope you are having a great time. May God richly bless you and allow you to be a blessing to those Guatemala as you always are to us! Praying for you all.

  11. Hi kids and grandma and grandpa. We just got back to the base around 11 tonight. We had a few minor delays but we made it though it. The food rice and chicken and vegetables for dinner today and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for supper. Mommy is not feeling good tonight. Maybe it was my driving? I had fun. See you soon.

  12. Dave you are driving the vans? Oh boy that must be an adventure. I am sure you would just love that. I pray that today your team would be given the strength and energy for your last medical clinic and that the rain would hold up. Blessings on your travel the next few days…gonna need lots of prayer especially with you driving hehe 🙂 just kidding!

  13. Bring back no spiders please!!!!

    Dave, thanks for the extra work I know you’ve put in this week to keep spirits up and the joy abounding. I praise God for your leadership and spirit!

  14. Its monday afternoon and we just got back from our free day. pretty soon we will eat, devos and bed. the plan is to get up at 2;45 am and go to airport. look forward to seeing kids and having a mountain dew. Thank you for everyone who prayed for us this last week and see you soon.

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