10 thoughts on “Jacob Gilleland

  1. Hi Jacob,
    Glad you finally made it. Praying for good weather and a fabulous adventure. God will be working in so many ways this week.
    Love, Mom

  2. Hi honey.
    I am so glad to hear you have made it safely. I know the schedule is packed now to get it all done on time but knowing the hardworking kids and adults at Maurice you guys will be just fine along with the power of our Lord. I looked up the weather and it looks like right now it is sunny but supposed to storm on and off throughout the afternoon. I pray that it will hold off so that your team can be efficient and get through the building that needs to be complete for today. Have you met Henry or Jose yet? Oh man, those little guys have been in my dreams lately. I pray that somehow, someway your paths would cross.

    Oh goodness, you make me so proud Jake. I miss you greatly but knowing the amazing kingdom work you are a part of makes it all worth it. I cannot wait to compare stories and listen to all that you have experienced.

    So a little life update in Minnesota-yesterday was a great day here for me. Jessica and I went to the mall to get her nose pierced and return something she didn’t need. Then we spent the afternoon out on the water with the Rataj family. It was SO fun. Jessica and I took Preston out on the paddle board and the first time he was super nervous, like death grip holding onto my legs. But then the second time we got out to the middle and I jumped in and he became obsessed with jumping off. It was the cutest thing. Emi also really liked the kayak so that was better than last time. Then Jessica, Kippen, and I went to Bakers Square to get free pie which was delicious. Today I have the day off so I am going to clean the house, run (hopefully another 4 miles? so hot out though), get together with Britta, and pray for you of course 🙂 Tomorrow I work in the RP till 3 then Jessica and I are meeting with Kris (please pray for us), and then I head to Pella for the wedding! I am sad you won’t be able to be my date but am looking forward to spending time with Hannah. And that is that 🙂

    May your body be granted peace and rest among the busy schedule you guys have. I love you Jacob, I cannot wait to hear from you.

    In Christ,

  3. Challenging start–for the team–not the Father! Praying for time well used–things to click–and when you lay down to rest or sleep that the Spirit will refresh and renew regardless of how little time is actually spent “sleeping”. God’s rest, renewal. Love you

  4. Hello there! Happy Friday from way up north!
    I got an email update that you guys have built the houses in record time. That is awesome I am sure you guys are working so hard. I hope everything with your team is going well. I also have the names of those in the houses, I have prayed for each one by name hoping they would come to know our Lord through the power of prayer and testimony. I wonder if the two houses being dedicated today are one of yours? Either way I will be praying that you and your team will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit when you share the gospel message at dedication. I wonder what you are going

  5. (weird it wouldn’t let me post a full comment)

    I wonder what you are going to paint your house like 🙂 I can’t wait to hear all about the people you are meeting and stories you have. Hey guess what? The coach fit in the envoy just like I thought! Your dad and I carried it up and it fit perfectly so now it is at my house, oh so comfortable. Today I am working and then Hannah and I are Pella bound! I am looking forward to it. It is hard to beliee your time is already half way done. I am so looking forward to seeing you but am also at peace with where you are now and so excited about the things you are experiencing. Well like I said I have been praying immensely for your team and you and will continue to throughout the weekend. Please hug lots of little children for me. I miss them so much. Also make sure to say hi to Dan and Heidi for me. And the whole Maurice clan 🙂 Give Dave a hard time for me haha. Tell him he isn’t working hard enough. I miss all of you guys much! Love you!

  6. HI Jake! I’m praying for you this week. Is it your first time in Guatemala? Or did you go with the NWC team last spring? I can’t seem to remember! Well, I hope it’s been an amazing week so far and you’re seeing God at work in huge ways. I’m so thankful that you’re willing to give of yourself for our high schoolers. What a guy!! Thanks so much for being a great role model for them!!!

  7. Jake. Hey.

    🙂 Praying for you as you lead, love, encourage, give, listen, and act. May the peace of Christ guard your heart and mind in him!!


  8. So there’s a funny thing about you that makes being back at home bittersweet… knowing you, you have probably given up anytime you would have to blog for other people to go on and so that you could spend more time with other people. Which is so kind of you and demonstrates just how much of a servant heart you have but also makes it hard for your fiancee back at home wanting to hear from you hehe 🙂 But I am so proud of you and from what I have read from other updates it seems like your time has been amazing. I cannot wait to hear how those experiences have shaped you and transformed you this past week. I am lifting you up in prayer on this last day at the medical clinic. I hope you have had fun with the kids and I also keep praying that maybe you met Henry. My heart would be so happy. I can’t wait to hear from you. I love you so mcuh Jacob.

  9. Hi Jacob, Your dad and I would also love to hear how things are going! But we ditto what Laura said, you are working hard and giving your time to the people in Guatemala. Praying the rest of your time there is productive and meaningful and that many lives are impacted. From what we’ve read, sounds like things are going great. Can’t wait to hear your stories!
    Love, Mom and Dad

  10. ALSO I got 43 MPG going to Pella…..that’s right……I don’t know whether that will make you proud or jealous hehe 🙂

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