13 thoughts on “Jennifer Cleveringa

  1. H Jen,
    We hope your trip was good, and you are enjoying the time to serve God. We are praying for you this week. Wanted to have a message for you to check as soon as you got there!! Love Dad and Mom

  2. So glad that you had this opportunity Jen! Take in and enjoy every minute! We can’t wait to hear all the stories! Thoughts and prayers as you spread His love this week.

  3. Wow, I am in awe! Awe of God’s glory, mercy and grace! My heart is so full of compassion! Today was a successful day of building! I spent time building a home for Josephina and then mudding in all the other houses. Thanks Eric for all you’ve taught me about mudding sheetrock! It was very useful today! I am so excited for the next few days!

    Hope all is well at home! Eric and Cam I love you and miss you! Keep praying because as good as God is, the devil is still pressing.

  4. Hey Jen / Mommy,

    We are so glad to hear it’s going well and you are enjoying Guatemala. We are doing really well, but missing you a ton! We are excited to see you, but more excited for you to experience the fullness of God. We will continue to pray for His hedge of protection and that the devil stays at bay. Enjoy using the gifts He has given you!

    Love You,

    Eric & Cam

  5. Jen,
    We are praying that the love that God has given you is shining through!!!We know that your spiritual strength will help you through the pressing times. We are praying and thinking of you and Joel constantly. Love Dad and Mom

  6. Hi Jen! I loved reading your post – sounds like you’re having a great experience so far. Continue to allow the Lord to use you, and I’m praying for you. I know it can be hard to be away from family, but try to soak in every minute of your time in Guatemala. God has called you there for a reason, and I’m confident He is going to work through you in mighty ways!!

  7. Hi Jen,
    Hope things are going well for you. We are praying for safety and good health for you and the whole group. May you be a blessing to others as much as God will bless you. We are all doing fine, and Camden and Eric are doing a good job of taking care of each other. Enjoy your week. Love, Lloyd and Marcia

  8. Hi All, Today was intense. We had a fun morning painting and decorating Josephina’s house. It looks beautiful, I can’t wait to show you pictures! As we presented the house to Josephina, her grandson Jose was presented the gospel and given the chance to accept Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Though I didn’t understand all of the Spanish language, through the power of the Holy Spirit I felt so connected to Dan and Darvin as they presented the message. We are not certain if Jose accepted Christ today, but the entire family had a time to connect and reconcile with each other. It was beautiful and heart breaking at the same time. The girls today learned my name and it was so touching to hear them call out Gennifer! We will be dedicating 3 more homes tomorrow, so please pray for my physical strength as well as my emotional strength as today was so intense.
    Eric and Cam, I love you! Can’t wait to show you all the pictures and videos!

  9. Jen,
    You are strong, both physically and mentally, and spiritually. You are a beautiful person!!! the Lord will give you the strength that you need!!! We are all excited to see your photos. Take care of yourself. Love and prayers, Dad and Mom

  10. Today was a battle. We dedicated 3 houses today with some families dedicating their lives to Christ and some not. It was heart breaking to hear Christ being denied, but we trust that God will continue to work in their hearts and pursue them. After lunch in the rain…down pour… we traveled to a small village of 10 families to provide medication, the gospel message and an opportunity to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. It was beautiful despite the rain! It poured and we nearly turned back for home. Praise God for victory as most of the village received Christ after Hermano’s message of the gospel. We are all exhausted but God has provided a wonderful headge of protection over us and united us as one body. God is Good. Much love all, miss you much!

  11. Good morning Jen, Just wanted you to know we have been praying for you this week and thinking of you a lot. I think you will be one of the most excited moms to get off that bus tomorrow night. Camden had a lot fun playing outside last night at small group. Have afun today today, and safe travels tomorrow! See you in Maurice.

  12. Last night was incredible. The small village of 24 families was so polite and grateful for our presence and all our gifts. The kids were so well behaved and we felt so safe and welcomed. There was a little girl who was the same age as Cam and just as busy as he is. It made me smile, and miss you so much sweetheart! Most of the village accepted Christ and the Holy Spirit was overflowing from the students. It was a wonderful way to conclude our week. Though I did get car sick on the way to this village, my temporary discomfort was worth the chance to change their lives for eternity! Today we are cleaning up around the base and heading to Antigua for some tourist adventure! We’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning so please pray for health and no delays in our travels home. Miss you so much Eric and Cam. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Enjoy a day of long naps Cam, and Eric!

  13. Praying for health and healing for you today Jen! Also praying for opportunities to have encouraging conversations with the team after the week- you have the gift of a listening ear and gentle presence. God’s not done using you yet!!

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