26 thoughts on “Jesse Bruxvoort

  1. Hey Jesse. I just wanted to know how much I appreciated you coming over to say goodbye this morning. Praying you had a safe trip there. Cant wait to hear from you. Keeping you in my prayers. BTW…..Buster is doing good :). I’ll check back later. Love you…Mom

  2. well, getting ready to head to bed. Thought I would just check in here n see if you were on yet. The kittens found a good new home. Just have Pascal n Edgar here yet. I think they are a lil lonely. Bubba is doin good. He was running n tooting in the pasture today. I think it scared him ๐Ÿ™‚
    Buster did good today….we’ll see if he sleeps good tonight or not. Well Todd is yawning so better get him to bed. Love you tons. Praying God protect and keep you safe.
    Dont forget to drink lots of water n try not to over heat.
    Sweet dreams. Love you

    • well today is Wed. Saw on Megan VK fb last night that you were delayed n put up in a motel. Hoping things went better for you today. Been checking this blog to keep up on what you are up to. Sounds like you will be very busy especially cuz of the delay. Praying that the rains stay away……n that they come here instead. We really need it. Been in the 90’s all week. Hot n sticky.
      Gonna try n see what the time difference is between us….unless you know. Hope you take lots of pix. Cant wait to see them n all you are doing there.
      Well better go….Check in later.
      Love you……more!

  3. Hey Jesse!

    Miss you a lot and been praying for you. I’m glad you’re okay and got there safely! Got Coke back in the pasture today for his month off and he was sprinting around with the other horses and having a blast. Emily and Kayla and I went to the races and Cameron did SO good! (Didn’t win, but I could tell he was doing everything logically and having a good time.) Him and Conner miss you a lot too! Emily and I hung out a LOT and got really close this week. Miss you lots and hope your parents aren’t missing you too much! I’ve been praying that you’re having fun and fulfilling God’s purpose for you as His servant.

    Ephesians 2:10: “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”


    – Casey

  4. Well I tagged u on fb with this site n she “liked” it. So ….n seeing how she commented I thonk she knows ๐Ÿ™‚
    Today Em n I had ourom n me day. Yep…..shopping…chinese n movie.
    Glad to see u were on here tonight. How’s it goin? How’s the weather? Its upper 90’s here.What did u do so far? How s the food? Getting any sleep?
    Keeping u in my prayers!
    Love u tons

  5. its going great rains alot tho it goes from like 60 to 80 food is makin me change my happits getting some but i would like more but its a ok

    • Hey bud. Miss u too. So do the animals :-).
      Sounds like ur weaher is nicer than here. Still real hot. ..n no rain.
      So what new foods have u tried? Any favorites?
      We’re still tryin to fatten up Edgar. Now with less mouths to feed she should be gaining. That n table scraps n cottage cheese.
      Buster comes to work w me n sits on my prayer shawl. Sleeps good. Bubba hasn’t gotten out yet so that means u did a good job on the fence. Thanks again.
      It’s midnight now so I better head to bed. Love u tons n miss u.

  6. Goodmorning! Its bout 9:00 here n 8:00 there. I’m just getting ready to dig in for the day. Bet u had breakfast n r hard at it already.
    Have u been to the orphans yet? Doesn’t it break ur heart?
    God has big plans for u my son. Be still n Listen to what HE is telling u. HE has plans for ur future…plans to prosper you….plans for hope….so listen to what HE is telling you n showing u.
    Love u bunches n praying for u always

  7. Hey bud. How was your day? What did you do today? Food getting any better?
    Weather was better today. Garden is lookin good. Pascal/Smokey is still hiding in the sjed or under the deck during the day. Edgar is still crying. Dutchess was out today n acting crazy. Buster is missing u. But behaving well.
    What time do you get into omaha Tue.
    Thurs you work 4-6:30.
    Thinking Friday for our mom n me day.
    Well it is midnight again…..better get some sleep..who am I kidding….better get to bed.
    Love you……more

    • Glad breakfast was good. What r plans for today? Did you find out when u get into omaha?
      Better get ready for church. We’re having an old fashion service today.
      Love you bunches

  8. Glad breakfast was good. What r plans for today? Did you find out when u get into omaha?
    Better get ready for church. We’re having an old fashion service today.
    Love you bunches

  9. Miss you tons! Sucks about the rain, but glad you’re having fun! Been really busy this weekend, drove the new horse trailer home by myself and now I have to go buff it. Prayin for you!


  10. Sorry couldn’t have left a longer comment up there, dad was yellin’ at me to get started buffing. Done now, though! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I heard that you guys helped build five houses, that’s AWESOME. Amazing how much work can get done when everyone’s doing it together, right? A lot of prayers are being sent your way, both from my family and from me. I know your family is praying a lot too. I hope that people’s hearts are opened and you’re helping bring more and more people to the Lord. It’s literally a miracle what just a smile to some of those people can mean. You’ll be home soon, which is bittersweet, because I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again but I know that you’ve already been a huge blessing to so many people! When you get home you might want to rest (and eat better), so I’m praying for that also. Glad you’re having fun, but I’m sure it’s tiring! Miss you bunches!


  11. glad to know you r having fun with that ๐Ÿ™‚ it was good here we gave out medicne and toy to kids and my new name is soirer so yea i got my nails painted pink and now we r going to work on the vans it was tons of fun playing soccer with the others and i cant wait to get back home to see you ALL i love you all tons xoxoxo

    • Too funny! the pink nails I gotta see! ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you are having fun! Anxious to have you home. When will you be getting in to Maurice?
      Gotta go
      Love you

      • Hope u have fun in Antigua. We were there for aunt danielle uncle mels wed. Chat later c u soon
        Love u

  12. Sitting at chiro. Say prayers for Em. She leaves at 1:15ish in the morning for her jamacia trip. How will u 2 ever make it not seeing eachother for 2 weeks?
    Gotta go
    Love you

  13. we had a free day today so me toby and daniel all got knifes and stuff it was a nice day to relax on i cant wait to see you guys i miss you so much i we leave the base at 230 in the morning and our flights at 6 we fly to texas then omaha we r going to sleep early today so this is the last time being on here and casey my youth group leader told me to bring to to youth group somtime so yea night guys love you

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