15 thoughts on “John Vander Stelt

  1. Sad that you guys missed your connection in Houston. The devil must know you are going to do great things, and is throwing problems in your path. You were right about me freaking out if I had been there in Houston with you. Sure hoping and praying you can get there Wednesday. We are praying hard for all of you.

  2. Hooray! We made it to the base. We spent most of the night trying to get caught up with things we could accomplish at the base; sorting gifts, meds, and other things for our medical clinics. We will be getting up around 5 A.M. tomorrow morning to try and get caught up with our building process, as we lost an entire day of building. Please pray for a smooth building process, and good weather tomorrow. Hope all is well up North. Until next time, this is Joe Vander Stelt signing off.

  3. Hi John…I mean Joe…and yes it took me a few looks to figure out they have your name posted wrong. Any way I am so glad you are there safely. I believe you are going to have a great time and great experiences. I pray that you will have lots of God moments when you see his love and mercy…and even His power. Love, Kristina

  4. Hi Joe, it’s great to hear that you made it there finally. I hope today went well for all. It was really hot, humid, and windy here today. Jack went to a football camp at NW today. Have to pick him up in a bit. I continue to pray that your week goes well and that God will use you to further His kingdom and that you may know Him better through this experience. Take care and God bless.

  5. Day two on the mainland, and day one of building, and it was very hard work. We got two days worth of work accomplished in seven hours (no surprise for an Iowa group). Framing, drywall, and cement board were installed, and we got the roof on the awning and the home…It’s no Young Gun roof, but it looks really good. Tomorrow we will be painting and “Stucco-ing”, and also dedicating two of the homes. Please pray for good weather and high spirits.

  6. Hi Joe, sounds like you accomplished alot yesterday which doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure the houses are beautiful and the people very grateful. I just got home from Orange City. Jack had a basketball tournament today. They won one and lost two. I saw Ethan and Jay when I picked up Jack from Korver Field last night. Jay must be helping with the football camp. Keep on using your gifts for God. You are making a difference in the lives of the people of Guatemala. Stay safe and healthy. I love you Joe. Love, Mom

  7. Hey Joe,
    We are so glad you all made it. Sounds like you ae getting much work done!! We will continue to pray for safety and that others are blessed by what you do. Thanks for using your gifts for serving others. Cindy

  8. Hey Joe!
    I hope you are having a good time in Guatemala! I’m very impressed to hear you all got 2 days of building done in one day, it’s probably because there are Vander Stelt’s on the team! We’re great at working under a time crunch! Anyway I’m praying for you and hoping you have a great and safe trip!
    – Amanda

  9. Final day of building was today, and yes I was proud to be a Vander Stelt as i exercised some creativity in the painting of our home. Dad, you would certainly be proud, as I painted three young children, and they turned out pretty good! We dedicated two homes today and we will conclude with the remaining three tomorrow. Please pray for softened hearts of the home owners, and that God may use our work to convey HIS message. Thanks for all of the support, and I look forward to updating you tomorrow!

  10. Sounds great. I will be anxious to see photos of your painting. I primed my big canvas a second time this morning out in the garage. A big white canvas like that is exciting and scary at the same time. The possibilities at this point in the process are endless, but God only knows where it will end. Don’t worry – Just need to trust in Him, right? I hope your work there continues to go well, and that hearts will be open to the message of the Gospel. Trust in Him. – Dad

  11. Mr. Vander Stelt-
    I praise Jesus for you heart. Your leadership astounds me, and I’m giving all glory to the KIng! As things hit the mid-down-hill slope, I’m praying the Lord would continue to sustain you, fill you with his wisdom, energy, patience, grace, and compassion.


  12. Hi Joe, I’m sure anxious to see pictures of the house you helped build as well as your creative flair that you gave it. I’m glad you got your father’s creativity genes. I finally met Jeff Rens yesterday at the tournament. I was taking money at the gate and he started asking about you. I noticed he had a RENs Trucking shirt on and I asked him if he was Jeff. I asked him how the farm work was going and he said he sure could use you help. We got the old van back home last night. And the Dutch baseball team lost to Le Mars last night. We had Hoogland sweet corn for the first time today. Grandma picked it up for us because she was there when I called. She told me that Audrey’s died this morning. Dad and I are going out for supper while Jack has supper and a bonfire with some friends. Jack Durham is visiting. He is staying overnight here Sunday night. I have been thinking about you a lot today and praying that you will be filled with God’s power and strength today as you dedicate the houses and have the medical clinic. Also praying for know rain. God bless you as you let your light shine and use your talents for Him. Love you. Mom

  13. It’s really interesting to hear what is going on back home. I am enjoying my time here – no worries, just focused on God. Yesterday we did our first medical clinic and I practiced more creative works. I drew pictures for the kids (faces, cartoons, princesses… yes I drew Cinderella. As I write, we will soon be departing for our final medical clinic. Pray for the power of the holy spirit to work in and through us, as we finish up our week.

  14. Hi Joe, I’m glad you are enjoying your time there. Went to church this morning and had a call to worship from some of the Guatemala team. I didn’t see you though. Had a great sermon today about being offended or being the person who offends. How to handle that and how to mend wounds. Grandpa and Grandma came over for dinner. We picked up Jack Durham from Orange City and the boys are just hanging out now. We have small group at Ray and Lori tonight. Dad and I watched the movie Jack Reacher last night. We both liked it. It is warm here again and still no rain. I will continue to pray for health, safety, and that the power of the Holy Spirit will flow through you all. God bless! Love you, Mom

  15. Hi Joe, I hope your last day in Guatemala was great. I hope you have seen God work in mighty ways and that you have grown in your faith because of it. It was a busy day here. I helped Becky start to get her room ready this morning. I worked at the office this afternoon. And I had to bring Jack to Orange City for dorm line practice tonight. Dad went to Fargo, ND today to visit a vender there. Cody and Adrienne went along. They left at 6 this morning and got home around 7 tonight. Jack started pollinating this morning. He was finished at noon already. He has to start at 7:10 tomorrow morning. I hope and pray that your return trip home goes better than when you went. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Take care. Love you, Mom

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