19 thoughts on “Justin Schrock

  1. hi dad. how are you? I miss you a lot. at Amanda’s I got to paint my nails and paint a picture and more! what have you been doing? what are you most excited about? I would be excited for the medical clinics! guess what! Amanda let me pick both of the meal. I picked spaghetti and brats. Naomi says hi .she would love to write to you.uhjhzjkjhfzjjhbcbvjhjfGhizgHJzxhzghfG E. that was from Naomi!I love you a lot and have fun bye xoxoxoxoxoxoxo from aj and Naomi.

  2. Justin,
    May you experience the Holy Spirit’s presence and power as you meet and encounter others each day…being Christ’s hands, feet, and voice…sharing His love. Praying for you and your group to stay healthy and rested. Love, Mom and Dad

    • So glad to hear you made it! Our prayers continue for you. Caleb is having a great time! He hasn’t had time to sit down and write his own note to you but he is planning on doing that at Grandma’s. We have have very busy, adventurous days. The boys helped move a bunch of branches, swam a lot, went rabbit hunting, rode 4 wheeler, shot off fireworks and lots of other stuff. We have my other 2 nephews here too now so it is boy domination. Praying that the Holy Spirit moves in amazing ways this week!

  3. hi. how are you? I am sorry about you flight and how it got canceled. I am sure that you can get everything done . are you excited to get to guatimala? I have been having fun with kaylee and levi. I miss you a lot and I love you. from Angelique.xoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoooxox

  4. Thoughts and prayers this week that you will be a blessing to all you come into contact with! Thanks for doing His work!

  5. Hello Everybody,
    We made it to the base safely around 4pm. We had 11 bags that did not make it with us. We ask for prayers as two of the staff are back in the city to get the bags. We pray that they are there AND for the safe return of everyone with the bags that have needed supplies. We will look to post more as soon as we are “taught” the new style of posting. Spirits are well and are amazed at the beauty of Guatemala.
    We are planning to take the three building days get it done in the next two days. We are looking to wake up at 5pm and get to work. PLEASE pray for no rain tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday…..throw in Sunday and Monday and Tuesday as well. 😉

    We are getting ready to have devotions and start preparing for the week. Your prayers are seriously being felt.

  6. hi dad. how are you? I miss you alot! guess what I got to go swimming at becca’s house it was fun and we got to eat supper with them we had hamburgurs and hotdogs. it was good! and becca
    and julia got there new dog! her name is carmen she is a supeare you having fun? what kind of food have you been eating? last night I got to sleep in grandma’s big bed with kira and miya and emilee got to sleep in the other room.I am having fun at grandma’s house and I hope you are having fun to. how is it down there? angelique.xxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. AJ,
    I am so glad that you are having fun! It sounds like you guys have been busy. Today we built the houses…sheet rock and cement board…AND the porches and the roofs! Good old Iowa people did two days worth of work in ONE! We miss you guys. Anya, and Noami, and Debra say hello. Give everyone a big hug from me….yes, even your brother 🙂 Love you guys. OH, AJ,….I met a little baby who is 3 months old today….his name is Justin Daniel! Love you guys

  8. Continued prayers for good weather, serious building progress to be made, good health for all, hard working hands, and mostly, for God to do AWESOME things through you all!!! Thanks, Justin, for all you leadership and devotion!

  9. Hey fearless leader. Is this 7, maybe 8 times down now? My count can’t keep track! I hope this time just like the others is fulfilling to the passion your heart has for Guatemala. I am so proud of our Maurice youth for getting so ahead on building! What a bunch of hard working Iowans (and Jake haha). Praying you through dedication day today and asking the Holy Spirit to fill you all with power and glory of our Father. Thank you for your leadership and guidance on this team. I am so excited to hear stories.

  10. Hola Justin, or Aloha, as is said in some remote areas of Guatemala…so I’ve heard…LOL, please tell me someone else has forgotten which part of the world they are in this week?? HAHA! Ok so I just had to say, YOU GUYS ROCK!! Way to go MRC Youth!! I can’t wait to hear what the rest of the week has in store for you all! Know that you are all being lifted up in prayer, especially this afternoon and tomorrow as you go into battle for the souls of the amazing people there. Praying for strength and for the Holy Spirit to show up in very real and personal ways for not only the Guatemalans but for all of those who are on this journey alongside of them. Have a GREAT week!! Thanks so much for all you do for our youth!!! What a blessing you are!!

  11. Hey Justin!!! Thought I would say hello and let you know that the Vander Schaafs are praying for you and the rest of the Guatemala team! Praying for safety, good health, and the Holy Spirit to move in life changing ways. Hope you are all having a great time. Blessings to all for the remainder of the trip! -Sarah and Kevin Vander Schaaf

  12. Thank you everyone for the prayers! WE ARE BACK…with internet connection that is. We have been extremely blessed with two full days of building, house dedications, and our first clinic. This team is amazing and God is truly moving……tonight when asked who would share their story, I had this feeling that no one would step forward…..well, six students later (and some for tomorrow night already)….let me tell you it just got real in here! Some of the people excepted Christ at the houses, some rededicated and some resisted and said no. We have had a full spectrum of answers, emotions, and realizations. THE PRAYERS ARE TRULY BEING FELT! The “plan” is tomorrow we will work around the base, after sleeping in until 7:30am, devotions at 9:45am, eat, then leave for a small village of 24 families. IF IT RAINS, we might be spending the night in the village. PLEASE pray for no rain…not that staying in the village would be the worst, I am just hesitant that there would be room for all of us. Monday is scheduled to be the day to work around the base, pack, and have our final devos together. Hopefully we will be able continue to keep the updates coming. Hasta Pronto

  13. hi dad how are you? I miss you alot. How is guetimala? are you tired yet? I hope you are having a good time. today we got to go to the zoo with the hole family! and we got to go see wendy because she is back in the hospital. I got to go see wendy today to and we got to have pizza hut for lunch! I had pepperoni. and we got to have a water fight with katie! I am having fun at grandma’s place! I hope you have a safe flight home love you from angelique xoxoxxoxoxooxoxoxoxxoxoxox

  14. AJ,
    Make sure you say hello to everyone. We are tired, but God is really working some cool things with this group. That is wonderful that you guys had fun today. Remember to be a big helper to Grandma and Grandpa as they are busy with the whole gang, sick, and with time spent with Wendy. I miss you too! I look forward to seeing you guys on Tuesday night. We have one more day here! The first medical clinic was VERY unique. I will have to tell more later. Debra says hello! Love you, Dad

  15. Good morning Justin!
    It’s been so good to hear all the ways God is working through you and the team. I’m so excited to hear stories when you get back. This is my prayer for you this morning. I’m not sure how great your internet connection is, so I’ll print the lyrics as well.

    Christ be with you- Christ before you- Christ behind you- Christ within you- Christ below you- Christ below you- Christ above you- Christ be with you.
    At your right hand- at your left hand- as your lie down- as you rise up- as you stumble- as you fall down- Christ as you stand.
    Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of you- Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of you- Christ in every eye that sees you- Christ in every ear that hears you. Amen

  16. Dear Dad (From Caleb)
    I miss you so much. I hope it doesn’t rain. I hope you are having a great time in Guatemala. I hope lots of people are learning about God. I bet the base is looking really good. I can’t wait until you get back. I am going to grandpa and grandma today and tomorrow. Love you.

  17. Justin,

    Glad to see you are back there again and impacting the people of Guatemala! May God continue to use your skills and passion to further His’ kingdom here on Earth!

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