Kaitlin Van Klompenburg

5 thoughts on “Kaitlin Van Klompenburg

  1. Hey babe! So glad you all made it finally! Praying you will have an awesome time being the hands and feet of Christ to those you encounter. Submerse yourself in your work and in the experiences there. Be a blessing to those around you. Love you lots!

  2. Hola my beautiful friend! I pray you are having the time of your life!! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. I know that God has big plans for you as you do his work. I am anxious to hear all about dedication day. Amazing to think about what an impact you are making on someone’s life…not just here on Earth, but their eternal life! I will continue to pray for your health, safety and that you will have the physical and spiritual strength as you finish dedicating your homes tomorrow. Enjoy the relationships you are building, they will be life changing 🙂 Can’t wait to talk to you when you get home. Have a GREAT rest of your week Kaitlin!!

  3. Beautiful Kaitlin!
    I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed your time in Guatemala. Enjoy your last day of medical clinics, praying blessings over your travels.

  4. Miss Kaitlin-

    You have a special gift to offer your team that only you can give 🙂 That may sound cheesy, dear, but it’s true. You can make it to the end! Praying that you will continue to show unlimited grace and love throught the love of Christ!

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