11 thoughts on “Loren Dykstra

  1. Hope your trip goes well Loren and you don’t hate it too much! smile. I’ll be praying you into the camp!

  2. Hi daddy,
    How are you I am great I miss you so much. Are you having fun. We got are new
    puppy today. Do you like the name Carmen? She looks a lot like Jake. She has a longer nose. She is very excited. We went swimming today with the Schrocks. Yesterday we painted the dog house. We made orange Julius yesterday. It was very good.

  3. Hi daddy. We got our puppy today. My favorite thing was playing with the puppy. We ate Hu Hot, I ate French fries and chicken strips. How are you? I am great. I miss you. I love you.
    Love Julia

  4. Everything is going great here. We have the houses finished and two dedicated three left to do. How does Logan and Collin like the puppy? Hope you are having fun with Sean and Katie Loren

  5. HI daddy. How are you? We are great. Yesterday we watched an outdoor movie by grandma and grandpas house. It was Madagascar 3. Collin and Logan like the puppy. Do you like the name Carmen? We are having fun with Sean and Katie. Our favorite things have been playing with the snake bubbles, playing with the puppy, getting the puppy and eating corn. What is the weather like. Are you sleeping good? Is it fun? It has been very hot here. Last night we also played seven steps around the house with the Schrock’s AND kick the can. We also went to McDonalds for Dinner and played at the park with the Schrock’s and Kaylee and Levi. It was very HOT but very fun.
    We miss you so much. We love you.
    Becca and Julia

    (After asking Logan what he wanted to say he responded)…”ah I don’t know. *giggle* I LOVE YOU!”
    (Collins response) “mama tractor water” and he has been jumping in the pool head under this week and loves it!

  6. Hi Loren! I have been praying for your trip so far and will continue to do so. Thank you for serving and loving on the Guatemalans. Christ’s love is so prevelent through your servant leadership.

    P.S. don’t go falling asleep under any tables now..

  7. hi loren how are you? I hope you are having fun at guetimala. I am praying for you and hoping that you are having a good time from aj schrock

  8. hi daddy
    Today we went to the zoo! It was so fun I love you so much. I miss you so much. We watched How to Train Your Dragon. It was good we went to Lollies and got ice c
    cream afterwords.
    Love Becca

  9. Hey Loren!
    Praying for safe travels and good debriefing conversations with the youth on the way back- what a time to reflect on God’s work! Can’t wait to hear about everything!

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