12 thoughts on “Melissa Dykstra

  1. Here’s praying that you will make it through this very long day! Hope it’s relaxing and I’ll pray you into the camp early next morning. Good thing all of you are young and tough! smile

  2. YEAH- now that you finally made it- enjoy your time! So glad that you are back in the place that is so close to your heart. Make sure you go love on the little ones for me in the orphanage! Be a blessing!

  3. Hi mommy,
    I miss you so much. Are you having fun. We are. Today we got a puppy. Do you like the name Carmen? She is tan. She has a long nose and she is very excited. How was the weather today? It was very hot today. We painted the dog house yesterday and made orange Julius. It was very good. We went swimming today with the schrocks. It was fun.
    Love Becca

  4. I love you mommy. We got the puppy. We painted the dog house. We went swimming with the schrocks…. Um I was thinking. No don’t write that. Erase that. Stop. (giggle) oh my. why did you do that. Um. Aw Bensons sleeping.
    How’s it going. How was your day? My day was good. My favorite was swimming. I love you.

  5. Aloha my dear friend!! Praying you have a fulfilling and wonderful week!! Praying you are blessed with good health this week so that you may enjoy the whole trip this time 🙂 May you feel the presence of our Savior as you minister to the beautiful people of Guatemala this week. Praying for health, safety and strength!! Have a wonderful week my friend!!

  6. Melissa! I hope you are having a wonderful time back in Guatemala, experiencing the Lord’s grace in a whole new way. I am sad that I am not on the trip, remember when we went a year and a half ago? Back when I barely knew you! I am so thankful for our experience together and hope this one is just as meaningful with the youth. Praying over your day!

  7. Hi Melissa, We just wanted to say hi and pray everyone is healthy and doing fine. It sounds like you have been very busy and catching up for the lost time. We pray the rest of your time there is a blessing to you and those you meet. Have a safe and uneventfull trip back home. Dad and Mom

  8. Hope you are enjoying every minute! If you get a minute- get some snuggle time for me with my sweet Dulce- miss that girl. I’m sure you have already done some snuggling. Praying for great things tonight at the clinic, and a productive day around base and in the market tomorrow. Your kiddos are doing great and Katie and Sean are surviving 🙂 JK- they were doing well. Spent some time with them today and the kids had a blast together! Enjoy your last few days and we can’t wait to hear all your stories- but it will have to be after we get back 🙂 Blessings!

  9. Hi mommy
    How are you I am great. Yesterday we went to the zoo! It was so fun! I miss you so much. We went to Lollies afterwords we got ice cream! It was good. We
    watched How to Train Your Dragon. It was a good movie.

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