18 thoughts on “Salli Valdez

  1. Hey Babe!!! So glad you FINALLY made it!!! It is hard for me too with you not having a cell phone. I would LOVE to hear your voice and hear all about your adventures. But I guess I will have to share you with the youth group and more importantly God as you work to be HIS hands and feet to the people of Guatamala.
    It has been a busy couple of days, but not really doing anything special. I promise no trips to Lolly’s while you are gone. We will save that for when you get back:)
    Take care and be safe — Love you tons!!!!

    • Hey Amis, love and miss you a lot and everyone else. Tell Tyler it is Winter over here but so much more humid and feels trilllions of degrees hotter, Tell Ashlyn I am having a blast working with everyone down here while building houses, but mainly building my relationship with God, one day and this trip has already changed my perspective on faith and has grown a ton!! Anywho you should tell Diego about this sight, Miss and love all of you guys, ps tomorrow is friday!
      Your Favorite child Salli
      P.sS. You didn’t let me take my phone and there was a delaay and I was the only one who listened to that rule!!! Muy Triste
      cant wait to see all of you on Tuesday!!!

  2. hey Salli –
    I really miss you! So how is Quatamala? Are you having fun? I can’t wait for you to tell me all about it when you get home!

    Love ~ Ashlyn

  3. Hey Salli –
    I miss you. I hope you are having a good time in Quatamala. It was really hot here today….just to let you know. Was it hot by you too?

    C-Ya later….love you! Tyler

  4. Hey, Salli,
    Praise the Lord you finally are in Guatemala. It is such a beautiful country. More importantly, the people there are people and children of the Heavenly Father. We pray for safety and health for you and the entire team. May you be bold for the Lord. As I have said before, you will be a blessing, but you too will be blessed.
    Love and prayers,
    Bill and Judy Vlietstra

  5. So sorry we followed the rules!!! It’s not always easy being the good child:)
    how has the food been so far? hope your stash of raisin granola bars isn’t to low.
    I passed your message on and He is also going to come out tomorrow to receive the mail that you left:) We where chatting on facebook HA told you I would keep him company!!!! Cell phone service has gotten so much better since you guys left HA HA HA
    I hope you are taking lots of pictures!!! I just can’t wait to hear all about you trip. I know it is going to be an amazing experience for you

    Love you tons my love

  6. Hi Salli! It is so good to hear that you finally made it to Guat! I hope you had a good first day of work! Up at 5AM…WOW!!!! I can’t even do that on a good day! 🙂 Well, I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and I pray that you have a great time doing God’s work there! It is so awesome that you committed to this trip, to be a servant for Him! He is going to bless you and your team’s work there, I just know it! Amy misses you…especially your help cleaning! 🙂 Take care and we are thinking of you!

  7. Hello Salli. Hope you are having an amazing time! We have been praying for you this week, hoping you stay safe and well. We look forward to hearing about your trip when you get back. Take care and may the Lord bless you and the others being the hands and feet of Jesus!

  8. So….how way your day:)
    Alex thinks you are still on the big bus with all your friends! HA
    have you gotten to hang out with all the little kids yet and hand out the colors and coloring books we sent?? I’m sure it will be just like Bible School where they all fall in love with you and don’t want you to leave:)
    Tana from Curves told me to send you a “hello” from her. The boys had to stay home by themselves Friday since you where busy. But they are looking forward to you coming when you are back.
    I got your schedule from Culver’s . Thankfully you have a day to recuperate from your trip before you have to get. back in the grove of things. You don’t have to work until Thursday @ 5:00.
    Take care Babe! So anxious to hear about your adventures!!! Love you!! Be Safe!!

    • Yep! Me and Beth are here sick 😦 i love it here, give you details later doe. Has Diego said anything at all?!? Tell him to talk to me! I miss him, Miss and love all of you, and going to miss this when I leave but I cant wait to see you all!

  9. Hi Salli!
    I am so proud of you for going to Guatemala! I know how excited you were and I hope the past few days have been a testimony to the power of our God. You serve with such humility yet joy, that is something so special about you. I cannot wait to hear all your stories-I will have to stop into Culvers soon to catch up hehe 🙂 tell everyone I say hi and I will be praying for your next few days of traveling.

    • Hey Laura! Hows it going? Guatemala has been filled with Gods miracles, and I work at 5 if you want to catch up on Thursday, there are plenty of stories! I can’t wait to see you, thanks so much!!

  10. Hey Salli!

    Praying for you as the week is coming to a close- I’m sure everyone is pretty tired at this point. Stay strong to the end girl! I’m so excited you are exactly where you are at 🙂 Praying your eyes would be reopened to the ways God is working around you every day!

  11. Hey, Salli,
    We have been praying for you all week. We pray you are growning in your faith. Guatemala is an amazing place. We pray for a safe trip back home. We also pray that you will continue to be bold for the Lord sharing your faith not only with the people of Guatemala, but also with your team.
    Love and prayers,
    Bill and Judy Vlietstra

  12. hey honey ~ I hope this note finds you feeling better!! Where you able to get out and go to the market? If so….any good deals? No coupons needed HA! Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow we FINALLY get to see you and we FINALLY get to hear all your stories of your adventures!!!
    Tyler left for camp today with his friends. He was really excited but also nervous about leaving us. Alex was not excited to loose his farming buddy. Alex stood in front of the door so Tyler couldn’t leave!!
    Ashlyn has had a count down for days until you come home!!! She can’t wait until you come home:)
    Wishing you safe travels tomorrow. Love you tons!!

  13. I miss you Salli. So how is Guatamala? Are you having fun? So what have you been doing down there? How many houses did you build?

    Love Ashlyn

  14. Terry wants me to tell you how much he is enjoying your smart phone!! He said the smell should wear off in a couple days!!!

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