Samantha Van Der Weide

8 thoughts on “Samantha Van Der Weide

  1. HI Samantha…I’m so glad you are there safe. I hope you have a wonderful time and experience God’s loving, patient, and kind spirit. I pray you will be as blessed as the families you serve. Sincerely, Kristina

  2. Hi Samantha;
    You made it:GREAT!! How was the flight? We are praying for you and everyone else there. May God bless you and your team and the work you are doing. We love you, Dad & Mom

  3. Hi Samantha, hope you are having a wonderful time in Guatemala. Thank you for making yourself available to help the people of Guatemala. I know the Lord will use you to bless others. God bless. Denise Vander Stelt

  4. Hey Sam! (Ha! you can’t yell at me!) anyways…hope you’re having a great time! Did you get all your luggage?? Do you have any exciting stories yet?? Can’t wait to hear them when you get back!! We miss you…a little…i suppose… Love you!!! Your favorite sister in the entire world, Casie 🙂

  5. Hey Samantha,
    Hope you are having a great time. I can’t wait to hear how you have seen God at work this week. I’m praying for you! Miss you a lot 🙂 Love you!!!
    Your most favorite sister,

  6. Hi Samantha!
    How has your time in Guatemala been so far? I am sure that is not an easy question to answer as you have probably experienced so many different things. Praying over your dat at the medical clinic! enjoy the Lord’s goodness.

  7. Hey Samantha,
    Your week is coming to end fast!!! I can’t wait to hear about your trip and see your pictures. I pray that your flight home is better than your flight there. Keep serving God with a positive attitude and we will see you Tuesday, Love Mom & Dad

  8. Hey Samatha!

    I can only imagine the ways God has been using you and your quiet strength this week to encourage other, set an example, speak love into little children, and to be his hands and feet. Praying the Holy Spirit would continue to fill you with strength for his mission as the week draws to a close!

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