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  1. Sarah, Hope the trip on Tuesday went well. I’m sure those hours of travel take you to a totally different part of God’s creation. I’m asking God to bless your time in Guatemala. I know your infectious smile will warm the hearts of all those you minister to. Work hard but have fun, too.

  2. Hi Sara! Hope your trip was uneventful (AKA no sickness). Praying for you guys and your kids at home. Hope you have a great week, can’t wait to read about how things are going.

  3. We miss you Mom. Hope you liked the plane ride. Hope you didn’t get sick. We hope you can send us a message. Love, Breanna, Cole , Erica, Tricia

    • We had a fun day yesterday. We got some of the school supplies We went to the fair and saw pigs, goats, cows, horses,rabbits, chickens, roosters,dogs, ducks, sheep. We went to a balloon show and we got balloons made into hats, dogs and a sword. We ate donuts and ice cream. Cole Breanna are up and ready for another of day of fun. Hope you get to Gautemala soon! Breanna and Cole

  4. Hi, Sara. You’ve had a long and arduous journey to Guatemala which, in my book, means that God will give you a mountaintop experience to balance out the difficult trip. I’m sure you’ll accomplish great things as I personally know there are two hard working “farm” girls are on this team. ;o) I just know God’s going to use your gorgeous smile to show others of His love.

  5. Hey friend~
    I couldn’t be more excited for you! So glad that you are on this trip being His hands and feet. As you take in the beautiful surroundings of Guatemala and the precious smiles of His people, I pray that you too will be blessed on this trip. I know you will be a blessing to all you come into contact with and I can’t wait to hear all about it! Blessings~

  6. Super excited to be here and to be put to work tomorrow! Hi kids! Hope you are being good for Grandpa and Grandma! I bet the fair was fun! I am excited to hear about it! Tomorrow we are going to begin building the houses for our families. Be good and we love you!

    • Hi Mommy, We miss you. Today was hot! We got pizza for supper and swam in our pool. The kittens were all there again. We hope you had fun building the house today. We liked the glow sticks! Thank you! Good night. Sending you and daddy a hug! Love B, E, C, T

  7. Oh my goodness, what an amazing day we had. We got up early, and got going on our houses. It was incredible how God made everything fall into place to get the houses as far as we did. The children here are as sweet as could be. Their smiles are truly straight from heaven. Pray for no rain tomorrow morning (Friday) as we will be stucco-ing. We also get to dedicate two of the houses.
    Thanks for the messages of encouragement. I am really emotional (surprise surprise) Hi my darlings! I love you and miss you too. I think of you each night as I go to sleep and when I awake in the morning. OK, when I saw babies in the orphanage too. Hugs and kisses from me. Love mom

  8. My dear Sara!! So excited to hear how well everything is going! Your team ROCKS!! Way to go!! I continue to pray for your health and safety and that you are just blessed beyond belief as you bless those around you! I can about imagine how the kiddos are drawn to you, your warm smile and loving heart are so contagious!! Praying for dry weather so you can complete your homes and also praying for dedication. Oh how I can’t wait to hear about your experience! I am just so thrilled that you and Dave get to spend this amazing experience together! Luv ya girl!! Stay safe and enjoy all God has planned 🙂

  9. I am praying for you Sara. I can’t wait to hear how God touched your heart and how I am certain you touched the hearts of the people there! May God give you grace to do all he has asked you to do in Guatemala!

  10. today was another long day, but fulfilling beyong my wildest dreams. We left base at 6:00 and headed to the village to finish our houses. We all worked together to stucco the houses, then went to our individual homes to paint, sweep, and decorate our homes. We ate yummy tostadas for dinner, finished touching up paint, and then dedicated two of the homes. WOW, I have never prayed so desperately in my life. It was amazing to see/hear our team gather, and to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit so evidently. Thank you so h much for the prayers. They were definitely felt.
    Hi my darlings! It is Friday night already. For me, the trip is going fast, but I do miss you a lot and look forward to seeing you in a few days. Keep being good for Grandpa and Grandma. I love you so much. Goodnight

  11. Hi Mommy, We like your message. We miss you a lot. It is Saturday morning already and we are all up. Grandma thought it was a little early to ALL be up at 6:45. It is a lot cooler out this morning, so we will probably be playing outside today. We pray for you everyday. Love BCET

  12. Hi Sara!

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking of you and Dave and praying for you guys while on your trip. Sounds like you’ll have some great stories when you return! Super Excited for you and how God is moving there!

  13. Hi Mommy, Cole is wondering what you got to eat today. Was it hot dogs? That’s what we had for supper. Breanna says thanks for the magic pen book, that we can use in church tomorrow. Erica liked being able to play outside today, as the weather was cooler. Tonight we went and saw Great Grandma, and the ice cream machine was not working. But Grandma made us cupcakes, so that was our dessert. Tricia likes the milk better at our house. She has been drinking it plain all week. We are ready for bed and we miss you. We are sending you hugs and kisses. BCET

  14. OK, I had just left a HUGE message, and it disappeared. I am not going to go into such detail, I am sorry. Yesterday was a long, emotionally exhausting day. We dedicated the other three homes. It was super hot, but prayers were lifted up for cloud cover and it came. It then RAINED while we were eating. We left in the rain, and were stopped on the highway for a period of time due to an accident. when we got going again, it then RAINED like crazy. I thought we were in a hurricane. I just kept praying for Dave and the other drivers. Dave said he jus tkept watching the back of Dan’s van. We got to the village and it continued to rain and they streets were flooded. Thankfully a different location was found for the clnic to be held. It went well. The Jesus film was shown and Hermano Jesus gave a message. He did an alter call. To here the people crying out to Jesus and to feel the power of the HOly Spirit was incredib le. I was brought to tears. Surprise! We had a safe trip home, but I didn’t feel well, so to feel good this morning is such a gift. today is another medical clinic.
    Hi kids! I can’t believe it is Sunday already. I hope you had a good church with G& G. we are doing church here at base. I am so excited to see you and to hold you. I want to tell you about the family that we built the house for. Sending you hugs and kisses, and okay, just one more hug! LOve you so very much! Sorry about the typing errors, I am typing blind because the screen only shows the first 4 lines you type. Love from Guatemala!

  15. Hi Miss Sara.
    It is great to hear updates from your team and know that the Lord has been faithful in bringing you guys to Guatemala and carrying out His work through you. I can’t believe Dave is in charge of driving that vans-oh boy I am sure he is loving that! I am also glad to hear you are feeling better this morning. May he pour his peace over you today and give you rest in times of fatigue. I miss you dearly and can’t wait to see you again soon to hear all about your adventures.

  16. Another fabulous day! We did a medical clinic for 24 families. They were such polite people. Very grateful and loving of hugs! It was quite rough roads to get to and fro, but we made it safely. I am looking forward to being home to smooth and straight roads soon. We get to go go Antigua tomorrow for our day at the market. I am excited!
    Hi my darlings! I love you so much and can’t wait to see you in two days! Kisses and Hugs to you!

  17. This will probably be my last message as there won’t be much time later today to blog. We are marketing today, packing, and doing odd jobs around the base, and doing a final large group devotion time. We need to leave here by 3:15 tomorrow morning, so will try to get to bed on time. So excited to share stories with each of you. Thanks for LOTS of prayers, they were felt and appreciated. Sending my love across the miles. See you soon!

  18. Praying for safe travels back home and praising God for the goodness he has already granted you on this trip- so wonderful to hear all the work God has been doing!

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