9 thoughts on “Sarah Schwarz

  1. was i right about the take off on the plane? i always loved that. so glad you made it there finally and i bet the wait was well worth it. i think about me sitting here in the air conditioning and alot of them dont have a house. may God richly bless you and your group while doing His work there. i love you sister sue. jeff

  2. Hey! Today went very well. building houses went exceptionaly well! We got the furthest in one day then what anybody had ever expected.Playing with the kids and getting to know then was an amazing experience! Just seeing how content they are with what they have just makes me think that all the extra stuff that I have makes me realize that i dont need any of that. Just seeing what I saw today is a really big eye opener for me. The kids are the best. but my heart really goes out to them. I will see you guys in a couple of days!!…. Sarah (:

  3. i knew you would love the kids, i am glad you are there seeing how lucky we are here for what we have and yet they are so blessed by the things they have. a big difference between needs and wants. love you see you later

  4. Hey Sarah! Thought I would say hello and let you know I am praying for you! Hope you have experienced God in huge ways and that you allow the Holy Spirit to work in you. So proud you’ve followed the call of Christ to do mission work. Enjoy the rest of the trip; blessings to you! – Sarah Vander Schaaf

  5. Hi Sarah!
    Praying over your day today, that you may experience Christ’s fullness around the world. You are beautiful, thank you for giving up part of your summer to serve.

  6. Hey girl hey!

    The Lord has given you the strength you need to get through the day today. Lean on him and he will sustain and uphold you with his mighty hand. You are loved irrevocably by the God of the universe. Praying you will share that overflowing love with many today!

  7. Sarah, you, Toby and the Maurice group have never been far from my thoughts and constantly in my prayers i hope you have a safe journey home. cant wait to see you all and hear all the stories. Love, Mom

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