15 thoughts on “Sarah Walter

  1. Hey! We got to Guatemala after a long delay! Please pray for our up coming struggles we might face. We are craming three days of work in a day and a half. So please pray for no injuires, cranckiness, and hard work.

  2. It sounds like you made it, Yeah!. So excited for you this week. Embrace all your experiences and feel Gods’ presence. Love you! Mom

  3. It’s a new day! Can’t wait to hear how the alternate plans you’ve had to make are actually Gods’ plan all along. Praying for your week, specifically your requests of no injuries, happy spirits and the hard work ahead of you. Go, and be a blessing to all you encounter! Love you, Mom

  4. Hey honey it’s Dad. Glad to hear that after all the difficulty getting to your destination you’ve finally been able to get to the business at hand – blessing the socks off all those that you encounter. You have an opportunityof a lifetime so make the most of your time in Guatemala. Remember that even when it doesn’t seem so – God is in control always. Mom and I miss you and can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. All my love. Dad.

  5. Hey Sara, Praying for you to have a great week. Embrace every moment of each day. Praying for your safety and good health. May you feel God’s presence with you as well. Take care, Marcia

  6. Hey Sarah! Just thought I would say hello and let you know I am praying for you! Continued prayers for safe travels, good health, and for the Holy Spirit to move in huge ways; for you and all those you encounter. You have such a huge heart and a giving spirit. Enjoy the remainder of the trip and embrace all God has in store for you. Blessings to you – Sarah Vander Schaaf

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Mom again. It’s Sunday morning and I can’t believe that your week is almost over! Jack called yesterday and is so excited to see all of us in less than two weeks. He was going to call you but since you don’t have your phone on in Quatemala, he said “Hi, miss you and hope you;re having fun”. He also said he might not be able to call again until the week of graduation because they are leaving the barracks either today or tomorrow and will be “camping” in the woods. I think this is survival training week. Maybe a Guatemala machete would be handy 🙂 Ha Ha. Garrett took a bad fall on his bike. They did Xrays of his left hip and back and thankfully there were no broken bones. He’s still in alot of pain and it’s hard to walk. I have a feeling you know just how that feels :). I spent my Saturday painting and taping and mudding. After your crash course in home building, you’ll be able to help me when you get home. I hope this week has been a blessing to you and you a blessing to everyone also. Continue prayers for your safety, health, heart and mind.

    Love you lots,

    • Hello Mom! I wish i got to talk to Jack! About the house building I could really help! I know how to mud and paint really good now! Jack is probably really looking forward to this week in the woods, those survival books will come in handy! I really hope Garrett is not in as much pain as i was in. I hope he will recover soon! Its so much fun here! Only thing everyone is getting sick, so prayers for those who are ill with be great! Well i have to go cut down a tree, i will see you tomorrow and tel you more about what i did this

      • I will tell you more about what i did tomorrow when i come home! Love you! this message is for dad too!

  8. Hi Miss Sarah!
    You are loved dearly and I am so proud of you for stepping out on your faith and serving in Guatemala. I am looking forward to hearing how God has been working in and through you. Blessings on the rest of your trip.

  9. It’s me again. What a wonderful surprise seeing you in church this morning. You know me, I started to get teary-eyed and then of course I looked at the pictures in my bible of you, Garret and Jack and got a little more than teary-eyed 🙂 Have a great day at the medical clinic. Love you

  10. Hey girl-

    Praying God would give you an extra measure of strength and patience today, and grace and love. You are a leader Sarah! I’m praising God for the work he is doing in and through you!

  11. Hey everybody! Thank you so much for the prayers! Our team, and my self was in need of them this week. The devil was doing what ever it could to interfere with our trip to bring God’s word to the people. It has been such a spirtual week for me. Seeing the peoples faces that came to Jesus Christ our Savior was amazing. We all are God’s hand and feet, and it was exciting to be those in this country. Prayers are still needed, we have one more day left! Pray for the sick, our travels, and our ministry to those around us!
    God Bless!

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